crossroads dance indianapolis

crossroads dance indianapolis

indy fringe 2016

the feels

Dancers Emma DeLillo, Shamilah Jermison, Emily Jordan, Katie Phelan, Halie Warmoth, and Kylie Williams perform choreography by Morgan Skiles to Sally Sempler's Rebuild I & II

The Violet Hour

Dancers Celina Jaffe, Emily Jordan, and Morgan Skiles perform choreography by Emily Jordan to The Violet Hour by The Civil Wars.

collective consciousness of a cult

Terrifying and beautiful. Original choreography by Justin Sears-Watson performed by dancers Emma DeLillo, Hattie King, Celina Jaffe, Shamilah Jermison, Leanna Miller, Emily Miser, Morgan Skiles, Halie Warmoth, Ashley Youmell to Philip Glass's Kyoto's House - Stage Blood is not Enough.


Emma DeLillo, Leanna Miller, Emily Miser, Celina Jaffe, Shamilah Jermison, and Halie Warmoth perform the choreography of Emily Jordan to Brandi Carlile's Beginning to Feel the Years.

Lux et Gravitas

Dancers Celina Jaffe, Leanna Miller, and Ashley Youmell perform original choreography by Emily Miser to Sleeping at Last's Saturn.